Tanscript informations

MTGD ID Medtr0002s0700.1 [Go To MTGD]
lumenal portion of cytochrome b559, alpha protein
chromosome/scaffold scaffold0002
Medtr0002s0700.1252   n.t.(cDNA)
84   a.a.(protein)
Pfam Accession Type Description
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FamilyCytochrome b559, alpha (gene psbE) and beta (gene psbF)subunits
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FamilyLumenal portion of Cytochrome b559, alpha (gene psbE) subunit
KEGG ortholog ID Name Definition Annotated transcript
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psbE photosystem II cytochrome b559 subunit alpha MTR_0002s0700

     Mapping your query gene to KEGG pathways:

ID Description
map00195 Photosynthesis GO TO Pathway
map01100 Metabolic pathways GO TO Pathway

     Gene Ontology:

GO category GO ID GO term
Biological process
GO:0009767 [Go To GO] photosynthetic electron transport chain
GO:0015979 [Go To GO] photosynthesis
GO:0019684 [Go To GO] photosynthesis, light reaction
Molecular function
GO:0020037 [Go To GO] heme binding
Cellular component
GO:0009523 [Go To GO] photosystem II
GO:0009539 [Go To GO] photosystem II reaction center
GO:0016021 [Go To GO] integral component of membrane
GO:0030096 [Go To GO] plasma membrane-derived thylakoid photosystem II

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