Gene informations

ITAG tomato ID    Solyc01g005400.2 [Go To ITAG tomato]
   Calcium binding protein Caleosin (A8N0P5_COPC7)
chromosome/scaffold    chr01
   Solyc01g005400.2.1   603   n.t.(cDNA)
   200   a.a.(protein)
Pfam Accession Type Description Annotated transcript
   PF05042 [Go To pfam]
FamilyCaleosin related protein
KEGG ortholog ID Name Definition Annotated transcript
    [Go To KEGG]
   PXG    peroxygenase [EC:]    101245281

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ID Description
map00073 Cutin, suberine and wax biosynthesis GO TO Pathway

     Gene Ontology:

GO category GO ID GO term
Molecular function
GO:0005509 [Go To GO]    calcium ion binding

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