Gene informations

ITAG tomato ID    Solyc01g005240.2 [Go To ITAG tomato]
   Aspartokinase (B9RGY9_RICCO)
chromosome/scaffold    chr01
GPL4741 Probe ID    LesAffx.35818.1.S1_at
   Solyc01g005240.2.1   1698   n.t.(cDNA)
   565   a.a.(protein)
Pfam Accession Type Description Annotated transcript
   PF00696 [Go To pfam]
FamilyAmino acid kinase family
KEGG ortholog ID Name Definition Annotated transcript
    [Go To KEGG]
   lysC;thrA    aspartate kinase [EC:];bifunctional aspartokinase / homoserine dehydrogenase 1 [EC:]    101258399

     Mapping your query gene to KEGG pathways:

ID Description
map00260 Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism GO TO Pathway
map00261 Monobactam biosynthesis GO TO Pathway
map00270 Cysteine and methionine metabolism GO TO Pathway
map00300 Lysine biosynthesis GO TO Pathway
map01100 Metabolic pathways GO TO Pathway
map01110 Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites GO TO Pathway
map01210 2-Oxocarboxylic acid metabolism GO TO Pathway
map01230 Biosynthesis of amino acids GO TO Pathway

     Gene Ontology:

GO category GO ID GO term
Biological process
GO:0016310 [Go To GO]    phosphorylation
GO:0008652 [Go To GO]    cellular amino acid biosynthetic process
GO:0008152 [Go To GO]    metabolic process
GO:0009088 [Go To GO]    threonine biosynthetic process
GO:0009089 [Go To GO]    lysine biosynthetic process via diaminopimelate
Molecular function
GO:0004072 [Go To GO]    aspartate kinase activity
Cellular component
GO:0009570 [Go To GO]    chloroplast stroma

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