Gene informations

TAIR ID    AT5G01600 [Go To TAIR]
HGNC symbol    ATFER1;FER1
Description    ferretin 1
Probe ID    251109_at [Go To GEO Profile]
   AT5G01600.1   1421   n.t.(cDNA)
   255   a.a.(protein)
Pfam Accession Type Description
   PF00210 [Go To pfam]
Ferritin-like domain
KEGG ortholog ID Name Definition
   K00522 [Go To KEGG]    FTH1    ferritin heavy chain [EC:]

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ID Description
map00860 Porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism GO TO Pathway

     Gene Ontology:

GO category GO ID GO term
Biological process
GO:0000003 [Go To GO]    reproduction
GO:0000302 [Go To GO]    response to reactive oxygen species
GO:0006810 [Go To GO]    transport
GO:0006826 [Go To GO]    iron ion transport
GO:0006879 [Go To GO]    cellular iron ion homeostasis
GO:0006950 [Go To GO]    response to stress
GO:0008150 [Go To GO]    biological_process
GO:0009409 [Go To GO]    response to cold
GO:0009617 [Go To GO]    response to bacterium
GO:0009908 [Go To GO]    flower development
GO:0010039 [Go To GO]    response to iron ion
GO:0010043 [Go To GO]    response to zinc ion
GO:0015979 [Go To GO]    photosynthesis
GO:0042542 [Go To GO]    response to hydrogen peroxide
GO:0042592 [Go To GO]    homeostatic process
GO:0048366 [Go To GO]    leaf development
GO:0048856 [Go To GO]    anatomical structure development
GO:0055072 [Go To GO]    iron ion homeostasis
GO:0055114 [Go To GO]    oxidation-reduction process
Molecular function
GO:0003674 [Go To GO]    molecular_function
GO:0004322 [Go To GO]    ferroxidase activity
GO:0005506 [Go To GO]    iron ion binding
GO:0008199 [Go To GO]    ferric iron binding
GO:0016491 [Go To GO]    oxidoreductase activity
GO:0043167 [Go To GO]    ion binding
GO:0046872 [Go To GO]    metal ion binding
GO:0046914 [Go To GO]    transition metal ion binding
Cellular component
GO:0005575 [Go To GO]    cellular_component
GO:0005622 [Go To GO]    intracellular
GO:0005623 [Go To GO]    cell
GO:0005737 [Go To GO]    cytoplasm
GO:0005739 [Go To GO]    mitochondrion
GO:0009507 [Go To GO]    chloroplast
GO:0009535 [Go To GO]    chloroplast thylakoid membrane
GO:0009536 [Go To GO]    plastid
GO:0009570 [Go To GO]    chloroplast stroma
GO:0009579 [Go To GO]    thylakoid
GO:0016020 [Go To GO]    membrane
GO:0043226 [Go To GO]    organelle

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