Gene informations

TAIR ID    AT5G01240 [Go To TAIR]
HGNC symbol    LAX1
Description    like AUXIN RESISTANT 1
Probe ID    251133_at [Go To GEO Profile]
   AT5G01240.1   2017   n.t.(cDNA)
   488   a.a.(protein)
   AT5G01240.2   1699   n.t.(cDNA)
   408   a.a.(protein)
Pfam Accession Type Description
   PF01490 [Go To pfam]
Transmembrane amino acid transporter protein
KEGG ortholog ID Name Definition
   K13946 [Go To KEGG]    AUX1, LAX    auxin influx carrier (AUX1 LAX family)

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ID Description
map04075 Plant hormone signal transduction GO TO Pathway

     Gene Ontology:

GO category GO ID GO term
Biological process
GO:0006810 [Go To GO]    transport
GO:0006865 [Go To GO]    amino acid transport
GO:0007165 [Go To GO]    signal transduction
GO:0008150 [Go To GO]    biological_process
GO:0009734 [Go To GO]    auxin-activated signaling pathway
GO:0048829 [Go To GO]    root cap development
GO:0048856 [Go To GO]    anatomical structure development
GO:0060919 [Go To GO]    auxin influx
Molecular function
GO:0003674 [Go To GO]    molecular_function
GO:0010328 [Go To GO]    auxin influx transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0015293 [Go To GO]    symporter activity
GO:0022857 [Go To GO]    transmembrane transporter activity
Cellular component
GO:0005575 [Go To GO]    cellular_component
GO:0005623 [Go To GO]    cell
GO:0005886 [Go To GO]    plasma membrane
GO:0016020 [Go To GO]    membrane
GO:0016021 [Go To GO]    integral component of membrane

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